Choose reagent for marine scrubbers that are environmentally-friendly and safe to handle

Europiren B.V. is your perfect partner when you are looking for a producer of high purity magnesium minerals, like reagent for marine scrubbers. The company provides maximum support to the European markets. Besides that, they also serve the markets in North- and South America and Asia. Their products are widely presented in all regions of the world. The reagents for marine scrubbers they have, are environmentally friendly and safe to handle. They are produced with minimal energy consumption by using waste technologies. But what are they for?

Reagent for marine scrubbers to adjust the fuel and to clean

Sulfur dioxide SO2 is formed by the combustion of heavy fuels. Because of this, sulfur pollutes the environment. Marine vessels, therefore, have to face strict legislation where limits were set for sulfur oxides (SOx) in the so-called Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). Other areas outside the SECAs must comply with these new regulations too since January the first in 2020. But how can you, as a ship owner, comply with these regulations? You simply need to adjust the fuel and clean the exhaust gases from your vessels with marine gas scrubbers. These Marine gas scrubbers are the solution to prevent sulfur pollution. The exhaust gases can be cleaned to prevent pollution when you use gas cleaning systems (EGCS). These systems are also called marine gas scrubbers. Unfortunately, open-loop marine scrubbers are be banned in many countries. As a popular solution, you can choose hybrid and closed-loop scrubbers. These are in compliance with IMO 2020 and allowed to use.

Rely on a quick delivery

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